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What I expect to see in American Horror Story: Freak Show


I expect first of all, costumes and atmosphere like this.

imageAnd maybe this too


I expect plots and storyline to be similar to Tod Browning’s (1932) Freaks. It’s a good movie! Watch it.


And storylines and drama like this.

Hell Girl

Night of the Itinerant Entertainers

Season 1 Episode 16

Aired date: Jan 24, 2006

Plot: Yumi and Yuki, identical twin sisters, both work as circus performers. Yuki is much favored than Yumi. While Yuki is pampered, Yumi was abused, both verbally and physically. Because of this, Yumi sends her twin to hell by using the Hell Correspondence

You can watch the Japanese, Subbed version here. Honestly the series is good in both Dub and Subbed. It was just a good series. But if you just want to see the whole episode and how fucked up this story is. It’s worth your 25 minutes of time.